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Name: Night Caste
Pronounciation: nite' kahst'
Sobriquets: Hidden Suns, Concealing Shadows, Nightbringers, Iron Wolves, Daggers of Heaven
Caste Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Larceny and Stealth.
Signature Character: Harmonius Jade
Associated Season: Winter
Associated Colors: Violet and gray
Associated Direction: North
Associated Element: Water
Associated Moon Phase: New moon
Five Maidens: Maiden of Endings

The Night Caste are spies and assassins of the Unconquered Sun. In the First Age, the Concealing Shadows gathered information and brought justice to places that normal warriors could not reach.

Anathema Edit

The Dragon-Blooded talk of the Night Caste as relentless hunters who killed any who stood in the way of Anathema; they came at night because they were horrifying to behold during the day. They became known as the Wretched.

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