Name: New World Order, N.W.O
Plural: New World Order, N.W.Os
Pronunciation: noo' wurld' or'-dur
Nicknames: Cloak and Dagger Convention
Faction: Technocratic Union

The New World Order, often shortened to N.W.O, are the secret police force within the Technocracy, dedicated on shaping and guiding information in progress with the Collective Will of the Masses. The New World Order is responsible for much of processing of Reality Deviants and advancing the goals of the Time Table.

New World Order specializes in Mind.

Paradigm Edit

There are "things-man-was-not-meant-to-know." Your job is to keep people from knowing about the things that could wreck humanity. You perpetuate this fiction not because you're cruel or because you're an enemy of the truth, but because those things could hurt all society. Far better that the Masses believe your Truth (with a capital "T") instead. It's safer, it's simpler, and best of all, if enough people accept it, it might as well be real. Hunt down things that shouldn't be, erase violations of your Truth, educate those too stubborn or foolish to accept it. Above all, remember, you're doing it for their own good. Everyone has potential and is worth saving.

History Edit

The New World Order cannot match the millennia-old histories of the other Conventions. They do not claim to have invented fire, the wheel, animal husbandry or money. Nor can the New World Order point to glorious battles against Tradition mages during the Mythic Age or the Renaissance. Instead, like any good bureaucracy, they were created by fiat. During Queen Victoria's house-cleaning, as the Conventions were being renamed and the Order of Reason reorganized itself into the Technocratic Union, the Inner Circle recognized the need for an organization to police the thoughts of the Masses.

Laying down a detailed history for the Convention also proves difficult because of constant "re-examinations" of their own history and that of the Technocratic Union, in which some details, like the Ksirafai, who could be seen as the spiritual forefathers of the New World Order, simply vanish.

The factual forerunners of the New World Order were the Lightkeepers, who were formed from the remnants of the dissolved Cabal of Pure Thought (as well as likely some Ksirafai that chose to remain with the Order) after the disastrous events of the French Revolution, the attempted installation of a culte de raison, and Napoleon's near-conquest of Europe. The purpose of the Lightkeepers was to "keep the light of reason", by excising anything that could strengthen the "superstitionistic cause".

Victorian Age Edit

In 1851, the Lightkeepers, and the larger Order, underwent reorganization and emerged as the Technocratic Union. They were re-christened as the Ivory Tower. This lasted until the later years of the 19th century, when the Union overhauled itself yet again. The Lightkeepers became the New World Order.

Modern Nights Edit

The work of the Order within the Union lies now in collecting, disseminating and transforming information. Its agents operate throughout Sleeper society, but especially seek to influence education and the media. The Convention also maintains spies throughout Traditions and Crafts Chantries, sometimes working with the Progenitors to create perfect clones of enemy willworkers — a technique that some whisper the NWO uses on other Conventions as well. Nevertheless, the New World Order much prefers subverting its enemies to destroying them, and Gray Men work constantly to recruit rival willworkers through blandishment, argument and torture.

The Avatar Storm in 1999 (although the Order prefers the term Dimensional Anomaly) severed contact to the umbral bases of the Union, making work harder for them. The events of 9/11 aided their goal of information control, but economic crisis and the growing advance of the Internet and the growing of Nephandic influence within the Middle East, the Union has much to do and to observe.

Without the guidance from Control, the New World Order also clashes with Iteration X, who want to reinstate the Pogrom and wipe out all Reality Deviants. Additionally, the other great power within the Union, the Syndicate, has been subjected to greater scrunity  in the aftermath of the economic disaster of 2007 and the apparent failure to gain substantial control over the ever growing mass media. Th Syndicate resents this, and tensions are brewing between the two.

Organization Edit

The New World Order possesses a complex rank-structure, in which members are differentiated by Enlightenment, seniority, function and Methodology. The majority of un-Enlightened personnel are Sympathizers: the communications experts, secretaries, psychologists, government agents, intelligence operatives and interns of the New World Order and its front companies. The Order also employs Sympathizers as spies and agents throughout the mortal world, particularly in academia and the media. New World Order sympathizers are rarely aware that they work for a great global conspiracy; most simply do jobs of some importance in business or government, reporting their findings to committees, sharing their interests with higher-ranking co-workers and advancing the causes of order and stability. Few ever discover the subtle connections between government branches, academic circles and global politics.

Methodologies Edit

Version Differences Edit

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