Before the foundation of the Dark Kingdom of Sand, the Egyptian dead dwelt within Neter-Khertet, the "divine subterranean place". The first being to walk Neter-khertet was Anubis. Neter-khertet resembled the Shadowlands of Egypt. It was here that Osiris first started to rule over the dead and gathered his most loyal subordinates around him. It was also Osiris who ordered the search for the Blessed Fields of A'aru and the construction of Amenti, to have a place that resembled the promised Afterlife more than the grey Shadowlands.

When Egypt was invaded by the Hyksos, Persians and Greeks, more and more wraiths fled to Amenti, until the foreign wraiths outnumbered the indigenous wraiths.The Dark Kingdom of Iron started an invasion to claim Neter-Khertet as their own during the height of the Roman Empire. Anubis and the Ferrymen made contracts that granted Amenti security and established it as the first Shadow Realm, but the old kingdom had fallen to Stygia.

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