Name: Neocologists
Nicknames: Reclaimers
Path: Thyrsus
Order: any
Arcana: Spirit

The Neocologists are a Legacy that primarily concerns themselves with strengthening natural habits against industry and encroaching human influence by encouraging a coexistence between natural and artificial.


Neocologists are convinced that nature, as they know and revere it, is effectively doomed by the actions of humanity. Rather than watch the spirits they know wither and die away, however, Neocologists seek to prevent this both by reclaiming areas of the industrialized world and by infusing as much of the magical and spiritual world as possible into the artificial world, creating a synthesis of the natural and the artificial. Neocologists imagine themselves as a spiritual evacuation force helping to place spirits into new phenomena and transfer natural principles into artificial vessels. If they can't reclaim the natural world entirely, they hope at least to see that the mechanized and artificial world follows the same natural principles that have guided the world thus far -- the same ancient cycles; survival of the fittest, self-replication and so on. The Legacy's name is a portmanteau combining neo (new) and ecology, suggesting that they're creating a whole new synthesis through their work. Unlike the majority of those who Awaken on the Thyrsus Path, Neocologists force themselves to reside in the modern world, and refuse to look away from what they see as a horrendous but unavoidable development. They channel their considerable passions into changing the status quo in a direction that gives hope for the natural and spiritual landscape. As they see it, most others on their Path would rather bury their heads in the sand and live a life of denial than play the hands they've been dealt. From their vantage point, many Neocologists see the majority of Thyrsus mages as Luddites and anachronisms. These Neocologists insist that at this point, there is no going backward to a time without industry, there is only going forward to get to a point where humankind and nature are interdependent instead of mutually exclusive. The point is not to do without science, but to move forward as quickly as possible, with the help of magic, to get to better science that is less harmful to the physical and spiritual landscape.

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