In her living days, Neith was a member of the Cult of Isis and a staunch opponent of the Followers of Set. For her heroic deeds in a battle against the vampiric servants of Set where she died, she was granted the Spell of Life and returned as one of the Shemsu-Heru.

As one of Horus's greatest warriors and his personal bodyguard and assassin, Neith has mastered warcraft over thousand years and has quickly adapted to the new methods of killing. Sadly, her bloodlust has eroded her mind in her many lifetimes, making her cold and dissatisfied with her victories. Only the bloodiest, hardest battles manage to ignite her interest.

Following the devastation of the Dja-akh, she is rumored to have become one of the Imkhu, raised by the new Spell of Life as a Sefekhi.[1]

References Edit

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