Nedu, the Visage of Portals is one of the Apocalyptic Forms avaliable to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Neberu.

The angels of portals are distant, winged figures wreathed in darkness, with brightly glowing eyes and a keen sense for supernatural energies. When they become monstrous due to high Torment, the darkness deepens and they seem to turn even more ephemeral, effectively becoming living shadows.

The Nedu were originally created to help the Ninsun in their roles in creating pathways. Eventually, the Nedu came into their own, creating things as earthly as locks and as mystical as wards. The Nedu even mastered using shadows for travel, though this lore was eventually lost to them. With their ability to go anywhere, the Nedu were arguably the most knowledgeable among the Visages about Earth as a whole. During the Rebellion, they were further valued for the ease that they created ways into the various realms; this proved to be their downfall, as one of their own number may have designed the gates to the Abyss that the few Nedu who joined Lucifer's side were cast into. Modern Nedu remained fairly removed from humans, but that doesn't mean that humanity doesn't have its uses to them.

Background InformationEdit

Nedu is the chief gatekeeper of the Underworld in Babylonian mythology.

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