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320 BCE









Necross, is a Malkavian methuselah with an extensive knowledge about the occult. He is the only Malkavian in Vancouver and leader of the Nosferatu. Founder of the Great Library.


Necross was embraced in 320 BC, and is rumored to be an experienced thaumaturgist, but most believe this rumor is likely to be misleading propaganda. Amongst other prominent rumors about Necross is that he knows the secrets of Golconda or is able to break blood bonds.

Today, he leads a group of Nosferatu in western Canada, maintaining and protecting the Great Library, while representing the Nosferatu among the Primogen in Vancouver. He is thought to be the only allowed within this construct. Whether that is planned or coincidence is unknown.

Character SheetEdit

Nature: Architect
Demeanor: Varies
Generation: 5th
Embrace: 320 B.C.
Apparent Age: Late 20′s
Physical: Strength 5, Dexterity 5, Stamina 6
Social: Charisma 6, Manipulation 5, Appearance 4
Mental: Perception 6, Intelligence 7, Wits 7
Talents: Brawl 3, Dodge 5, Empathy 5, Leadership 5, Streetwise 5
Skills: Etiquette 3, Firearms 3, Herbalism 5, Performance (Acting, Music) 4, Research 5
Knowledges: Academics (Antropology) 3, Alchemy 4, Bureaucracy 3, City Secrets (Vancouver) 4, Computer 2, Faerie Lore 4, History (Art) 4, Investigation 4, Kindred Lore 5, Linguistics 5, Lupine Lore 3, Mage Lore 3, Occult (Astrology) 5, Politics 5, Spirit Lore 3, Theology 4
Disciplines: Auspex 8, Celerity 4, Dominate 8, Fortitude 5, Obfuscate 8, Presence 6, Thaumaturgy 4
Thaumaturgical Paths: Path of Blood 4
Rituals: All
Backgrounds: Herd 3, Resources 5, Retainers 3
Virtues: Conscience 4, Self-Control 5, Courage 3
Morality: Humanity 9
Willpower: 10
Derangements: Multiple Personalities


Dark Alliance: Vancouver, p. 92

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