Necropolis was the capital of the Kindred for nearly a century in ancient Rome.

History Edit

Originally the Etruscan burial tombs, the Necropolis was transformed by Remus and Aulus Julius into the capital for Kindred. Later, Necropolis became home to the Camarilla. Throughout its centuries of use, Necropolis was home to numerous vampires, and in the near the end of the Roman empire its upper levels were occupied by the persecuted Christians from above. Even after Rome fell and the Camarilla collapsed, the Necropolis continued to house both the dead and undead within.

Geography Edit

Necropolis served the Kindred as its capital for centuries. Below is a map of Necropolis overlayed on the map of Rome.[1]


References Edit

  1. VTR: Requiem for Rome Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip p 138

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