Nazriel, today known as Nazathor, Princess of Majestic Liberation, is the leader of the Second House of the Fallen and one of the most powerful demons that managed to escape the Abyss.

When Lailah chose to ally herself with God instead of the rebels under Lucifer, it was Nazriel who led those of the second House and presented herself before Adam and Eve. She continued to serve Lucifer along the Crimson Legion and stood beside him until he was defeated by Michael, despite the internal infighting within her own House. Renowned for her kindness and compassionate nature, she chose to lead her House by example rather than direct authority. During her time within the Abyss, much of her gentleness was stripped away, but she never succumbed to Torment as did so many others, most notably the Archdukes.

Today, Nazathor is one of the most prominent Luciferans and spends most of her time searching for clues for his whereabouts. She rules the Second House with together Yeshiniel.

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