Nathaniel Bordruff













Nathaniel Bordruff is a Nosferatu who dwells in Chicago, harbouring only hatred for his curse and the undead in general.


In his life, Nathaniel was a witch-hunter who operated in New Orleans, hunting the spawns of Satan and killed five Kindred all by himself. This, however, made him arrogant and vain, a trait a Nosferatu exploited to defeat him. In a special form of cruelty, the Nosferatu gave Nathaniel the Embrace, turning him into that what he hated most, and deposed him before his church, which attendants fell before Nathaniels fresh awakened Beast. Nathaniel tried to continue his cursade, but quickly found out that the Kindred judiciary had special sentences for people like him and barely escaped Lousiana, hunted by the princes henchmen. He continued to wander across the United States, learning to contain his hatred on the undead from time to time, but never allowing it to extinguish. After a clash with a Sabbat pack in New York, he ventured to Chicago, where he sided with Lodin in order to crush the Anarch resistance. Lodin introduced him to Elder society and primogen Khalid Al-Rashid apporached him to gain an ally against the Ventrues schemes. Nathaniel happily accepted, playing both sides against each other. His rage against his kind led to several "accidents" such as a flood and after the War of Chicago, Nathaniel hopes to use the power vacuum to ascend to princedom and then break the masquerade in a wide scale to inform the world of the vampire threat it harbours.

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