Nar-Sheptha was a sixth-Generation Assamite Sorcerer who first conducted studies in harnessing the powers of lightning. She was the curator the Great Library in Alamut until she died in the attempt to tame a storm spirit, leaving only a pile of ashes infused into the sandstone of the floor. But her soul did not go to rest, for the spirit had infused her essence into the very air above Alamut. It was not until Sarah Schneier, a young Assamite Sorcerer, contacted her in 1999 that she was offered a chance to escape the limbo she was trapped in. Schneier bound Nar-Shepthas essence into CD-ROMs, that contained the body of the Great Library. These disks serve as the main link of the Schismatics to their ancient tomes and Nar-Sheptha protects them with all her might. However, she is unwilling to hurt other Assamites, a fact that the Loyalists have exploited and stole eight sets of the disks, resulting in a much more fervent and aggressive protection of the remaining disks by her.

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