For the demonic figure from Vampire: The Masquerade, see Namtaru.

Namtar, the Visage of Death is one of the Apocalyptic Forms available to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Halaku.

The Namtar are silent, black-winged creatures wrapped in robes of mist. No matter how gentle and safe a Namtar acts, the form of death strikes fear into those who see it and are not prepared for it. When they become consumed with Torment, their presence saps the life from everything around them, they become cloaked in shadows, and they don't feel pain, love, or much of anything anymore.

The ultimate recyclers, the original purpose of the Namtar was to simply remove life from an object with a simple touch, and then return the materials of the body to the earth. After being cursed to use their powers on humans, which was never the intention of their existence, the Namtar were distraught. Some began building realms where their beloved souls could be safe from the Nergal. They attempted to sooth humanity's fear of death by helping develop rites of mourning, such as funerals. Some Namtar came to enjoy their new job, and were cast into the Abyss already greatly removed from the world around them.

Background informationEdit

Namtar was the Mesopotamian god of death and messenger of Ereshkigal and Nergal.


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