The Nameless Gods were the deities revered in ancient Irem, under the stewardship of the Shan'iatu. The relation between the Nameless Gods and the Judges of Duat is not clear, but before Duat lie the nether-realms of Neter-khertet, home to the jackal-headed god Anpu, who sometimes communicates with the Arisen.

Thematically, the mythology of Irem was grim and inspired the Egyptian religion to come. The Su-Menent were the priesthood and responsible for maintaining orthodoxy among the population. Only the Shan’iatu could fully worship the gods, but they accepted the petitions of commoners on their behalf.

Known GodsEdit

The gods of the Scorpion Empire were mighty largely because they had no true names over which others could gain power. The following applications are those found in holy texts that have survived the fall of Irem, but they are mainly titles, not true Names.


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