The Motley Pledge is a pledge of mutual aid which is usually sworn by changeling integrating a motley.


Though not all motleys use this motley pledge (or even us a pledge at all), this is perhaps the most commonly sworn pledge to bind motleys together. Some elements in changeling society don’t even consider a group of changelings a true motley until they’ve sworn a motley pledge.

The boons of this pact usually manifest in traits that the motley hold as important together: if they are a group of high society movers-and-shakers, their pledge may grant them a bonus to Socialize and two dots in Resources. Likewise, a gathering of martial changelings dedicated to defending their freehold from Fae incursions may gain a bonus dot to Weaponry and two additional dots in the motley’s token Fighting Style.

Of course, those who break this pledge not only lose the blessings of the motley, but suffer a loss of their own personal ability for a time — in stepping away from the motley and its preferred focus, the oathbreaker sacrifices some of her own ability and skill. To turn her back on her motley is to turn her back on the things the motley embraces

The VowEdit

Hand to hand we stand, and side by side. Though my brother and I may quarrel, none may quarrel with my brother and not quarrel with me. This is my oath: friendship, assistance and the blessings that come of both, until the year has spun anew. May our prosperity desert us, and our talents fail us, should we break this vow of brotherhood. We had our families taken from us, but now we’re family, bound by more than blood. I swear to stand by each of you as you swear to stand by me, for a year and a day, and accepting all curses that may fall on me if I lie.


Type: Vow
Tasks: Alliance, Greater (–3, all)
Boons: Adroitness (+1, all), Blessing, Medial (+2, all)
Sanction: Poisoning of Boons, Greater (–3, poisoning both Adroitness and Blessing boons)
Duration: Year and a day (+3, though many long-established motleys bear Lifelong durations)
Invocation: 1 Willpower (all)


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