Name: Morphean Contunuity
Nicknames: Endymion's Legacy, Dreamcrafters
Path: Acanthus
Order: Free Council
Arcana: Mind

The Morphean Continuity is a Legacy that serves as conduit for a mighty Dreamtime entity. The being grants its conduits great power over the Mind Arcanum, but slowly assimilates everything that makes the person human, until nothing more than a host, a shell for the strange compulsions of the entity, remains. Elders among this Legacy are nothing more than mouthpieces for the being that strives to duplicate itself more and more by inducting others into the Legacy.


The being that fuels the Legacy has no material body. Instead, it is a collection of inhuman thoughts, ideas, desires and concepts trying to stuff the vast metaphysical “bulk” of its consciousness into comparatively tiny compartmentalized “cells” (in the form of Awakened human minds). Its preference for Acanthus and libertines is solely on account of the Path and order, respectively, of Endymion, the first mage to accidentally chance upon the damaged section of the Dreamtime that once served as the being’s native environment, in the course of his meditations. Now, the creature wears the face of everyone inducted into the legacy, all of them in various stages of assimilation. As the assimilation continues, the victims gains strange compulsions and dreams that become stranger and stranger until the person is completly alienated from humanity and acts only as a symbiont for the Dreamtime entity.

The Dreamtime entity that constitutes the ephemeral component of the Morphean Continuity can be repelled through the use of undesirable stimuli. The being greatly fears feelings of loss, isolation, alienation, and confusion, as well as being confronted with a sense of mortality. These sensations may be created through mundane means, though Mind Arcanum magic is probably a more effective vector. When successfully and persistently attacked in this way, the “cell” within an individual attempts to retreat into the Oneiros of its host, relinquishing control of her conscious mind (and cutting her off from all of her Attainments). In order to completely drive out the infection, however, the assault must continue relentlessly, pushing the “cell” out of the host’s Oneiros and into the Temenos and the Dreamtime. For this reason, the Morphean Continuity is not a legacy in the sense of other legacies, as the soulcrafting is done by something different that uses the awakened soul as a means to substain itself.

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