For the legacy from Mage: The Awakening, see Morphean Continuity.

Deep within the Skein, the ancient Morpheans rule over the dream in a manner that not even the Gentry can match. Some changelings find the fact of their existence a comfort: evidence that the Fae aren’t the strongest supernatural powers. These Lost have rarely actually met a Morphean, for if they had, they’d know that just as the Others have no monopoly of power, they have no special claim on cruelty, either. Morpheans partake of the purest essence of dreams, and it’s in a dream’s nature to choose symbolism over morality.

A Morphean never manifests randomly. Changelings seek them out by traveling to an appropriate dream, or encounter them when the Wyrd wills it. They possess an inconstant omniscience, which is to say that they sometimes know secrets that have never been told, but occasionally can’t even remember the same of a supplicant. There’s no way to know whether this is a trick or the product of an incomprehensible consciousness.

Morpheans are mighty archetypes and living enigmas. Each one is unique, though all can appear in many places at once. Beyond their raw power and mysterious natures they have one thing in common: they want to express their natures in the waking realm. They have no flesh and no powers that can freely pierce the barriers of sleep, so they make bargains, recruiting string dreamers to do their bidding.

Known MorpheansEdit