Name: Montreal
Province: Quebec
Country: Canada

Montreal, called the "City of One Thousand Steeples" by its inhabitants, is the second-largest city in all of Canada and the largest city in the province of Quebec.

Gothic-Punk Montreal is a city of subtle and and unmistakeable dread, where abandoned buildings and run-down churches cower in the shadows of skyscrapers. While not as violent as a city like Detroit, for example, its corruption runs deeper, working behind closed doors.

Vampire: The MasqueradeEdit

Montreal is one of the spiritual centers of the Sabbat, often called the “City of Black Miracles” by the local Cainites. It has often been said that, while Mexico City is the "heart" of the Sabbat, Montreal is its "soul".[1] Whereas other Sabbat dioceses in North America attract the downtrodden and the bloodthirsty, Montreal is home to several Covens that study the Paths of Enlightenment and advance the Sabbat’s spiritual understanding.[2] Montreal is often referred to as the “hammer” to the “anvil” of Detroit.[3] The history of the early Sabbat packs is enshrined in the Litany of Blood.[4]

Sabbat have been present since the arrival of the first settlers, when the settlement was named Ville-Marie. Brutal wars against the local Iroquois decimated the first packs, but later, following Sabbat packs were known to take on the practices of their enemies in order to perpetuate violence between both groups.[5] When the Camarilla expanded into New France, they installed a Toreador prince over the city. Despite their best efforts, the Sabbat remained rooted into the city’s infrastructure.[4] Knowing they were mere figureheads for their more powerful Elders in Paris, many of the Camarilla officials withdrew into debauchery and fled when the opportunity arose during the Seven Years War, allowing the Sabbat to regain their foothold.[6] As Montreal became a British colony after the Treaty of Paris, the Ventrue noticed the city, sending one of their own, the Scot Kyle Strathcona, to act as Prince.[7] Strathcona, still nursing resentment against the Camarilla due to Ventrue involvement in the British Empire, defected in secret to the Sabbat in 1776, after most Camarilla members had already abandoned the domain during the American Revolution.[8] Most of the remaining Camarilla had been converted to the Sabbat or were executed after the primogen tried to dispose Strathcona in the events of the Rebellions of 1837. While the Ventrue tried to save face, they were forced to abandon the city. Montreal continued to play in important role within the Second Sabbat Civil War, when the “Conference of Caine” met in the city under an unspoken treaty of non-violence for the first time.[9] Strahtcona was elevated to the rank of Cardinal, leaving the archbishopric of Montreal for the Toreador antitribu Véronique La Cruelle of the Widows pack.[9]

Véronique La Cruelle’s tenure saw the rise of conflict with the Camarilla in Ottawa, as well as the incursion of Followers of Set from Haiti. Using mortal uprisings, like the Front de libération du Québec as smokescreens, La Cruelle let her enemies believe that the Sabbat was behind it, striking against them in a surprise attack.[10] The Serpents proved much more difficult to fight. Here, the Sabbat found support from a Serpent of the Light, Sangris. Sangris organized “snake-hunts” against Setite cults among the Voodoo scene. Being a secret infernalist, Sangris used demonic powers to implicite the Setites in corrupting the Sabbat’s rites, leading a raid against their temple and destroying it.[11] In the aftermath, Sangris was elevated as archbishop of Montreal, since La Cruelle had disappeared.[12] The new archbishop led multiple strikes against the Ottawan Camarilla to keep the more violent packs busy, leaving the intellectual packs to ponder over their work in peace. In 1992, evidence of his corruption was uncovered by the Inquisition, and the archbishop had to stand trial. On August 15, Sangris was executed via thaumaturgical fire.[13] Strathcona intervened, installing the Lasombra Carolina Valez as the new archbishop.[14] Her rule quickly became challenged by Alfred Benezri of the Shepherds of Caine, one of the most prestigious covens of the city, and Ezekiel, the childe of Sangris and a member of the Black Hand.[15]

After the disaster of Sangris, the Inquisition kept tabs on the city. When two of its members had vanished in 1993, the Grand Inquisitor sent two of her best agents, the Knight-Inquisitors Mercy and Kervos, to the city.[16] In 1997, Mercy uncovered the existence of the infernal coven of Pierre Bellemare. Launching numerous raids, the Inquisition imprisoned and tortured dozens of vampires. Bellemare was able to flee, only further aggravating Mercy’s rampage. Valez was unable to reign her in, until she was approached by one of the vanished Inquisitors, Cairo, who had been corrupted by Bellemare and been temporarily freed of his grip. Promising to deliver Bellemare in exchange for her life, Cairo led Valez and the Inquisition against the secret hideout of Bellemare’s pack, but the infernalist himself was nowhere found.[17] Mercy now turned against Valez and Cairo, charging both with infernalism. Valez, completely taken by surprise, turned to Benezri to save her, promising him to abdicate her office. Benezri argued before the inquisitorial trial, winning Valez’ innocence. Only a week later, Benezri became Archbishop, while Valez’ pack dissolved and she became the Abbot of the Temple of Eternal Whispers.[17]

Modern StructuresEdit

The city is home to at least eleven permanent Covens, most with their own unique ritae, and several nomadic packs. The central structure is the Temple of Eternal Whispers, who acts as the communal Haven for all Sabbat packs of the city. While most Sabbat are part of pack, several newcomers are not. One example is the Lazarene Agaitas, who aspires to become the new keeper of the Litany of Blood.[18] Since the time of Archbishop La Cruelle, Sabbat take pride in the “Feeding” often draining their victims in artistic or imaginative ways. As a home to one of the sects three Black Cathedrals, scholars of the Paths of Enlightenment frequent Montreal to compare their studies with their peers. This gives Montreal great influence within the sect, an influence that grows since the Consistory in Mexico City gets weaker over infightings.[1] One of the local packs, the Widows, have begun to steer their interpretation of the Path of Cathari away from the tenets of the Road of Sin espoused by the Elders and focus more on Gnosticism, believing themselves to be God’s caretakers of the material world.[19] Their new interpretation has led to a new influx of packs that seek tutorship from the Widows.

Benezri’s authority was at first strengthened to the degree that he was able to declare the city open for non-Sabbat Noddists in order to commemorate the discovery of a new fragment of the Book of Nod.[20] The events during this event resulted in the fragmentation of the venerable Librarian coven after another accusation by the Inquisition for dealing with a D’habi and a tarnish on Benezri’s authority, strengthening the position of his rival Ezekiel.[21] The Inquisition maintains a strong presence in the city, watching for any further signs of infernalism and corruption among the local Cainites. There have also been undertakings of exvacating the lore of the vanished Tremere antitribu in St.Laurent.[22]

Werewolf: The ApocalypseEdit

Garou that come to Montreal see a city deeply in thrall of their enemies. The Weaver’s webs are tight, especially around Parc Olympique.[23] Pentex' Black Dog Game Factory has a plant in the suburbs of the city that prints their tainted products in the shadows of much larger threats.[23] The Leeches of Montreal are more aggressive and vicious than seen elsewhere, making the Garou careful to not gather their full attention. As such, they rarely enter the city, instead making sure that none of the Leeches plague the outskirts.[23] The Fianna once tried to drive the leeches off, using the Fenian Movement as camouflage, but failed.[24]

The Garou themselves have a small sept under Silver Fang dominion in the Laurentian Mountains from which they watch over the city.[23] Bone Gnawers and Uktena occasionally travel into the city for personal reasons, while Wendigo maintain Kinfolk near the outskirts of the city.[25] The Red Talons also chose Montreal as the city where the first "Winter packs" that are about to reinstate the Impergium are positioned, waiting for the signal of the Winter Council to strike.[26] Oral history tells that a malicious and powerful Bane is bound into the earth near Montreal, and they fear what would happen if the leeches would learn of it.[23] It is suspected that a coven of Black Spiral Dancers is somewhere within the city, to worship the Bane and give the leeches clues on how to free it.[23]

Mage: The AscensionEdit

Wraith: The OblivionEdit

Montreal is home to a large Nihil, due to the demonic presence of the demon Metathiax. The demons had caused a small pinprick between the Shroud and the Skinlands.[14]

Changeling: The DreamingEdit

Montreal is part of the Kingdom of Northern Ice within Concordia.[27]

Kindred of the EastEdit

Hunter: The ReckoningEdit

The Society of Leopold has a small “subsidiary” order among the local Jesuits based on the Loyola campus. Calling themselves “the Brotherhood”, these witch-hunters are not as organized as the Society, but can be a threat to singular Sabbat vampires nonetheless. Their methods, however, are not quite failsafe, resulting in a number of mortal casualties.[28] Imbued are likely to have appeared, but have not yet formalized into an organization.

Mummy: The ResurrectionEdit

Demon: The FallenEdit

Demons have always been present within Montreal. The demon Metathiax, a member of the Decani, had been imprisoned in Mount Royale by the sacrifice of the Huron tribe. He is revered by followers of the Path of Evil Revelations and other tainted beings in a dilapidated building in Old Montreal, called the Blood Circle.[29]

But, now, the Fallen have entered from their abyssal prison and built their own Court. The slayer Turiniel was active in the city, working to return ghosts that were driven into the Skinlands back to their home, before turning his attention to greater tears within the Shroud that appeared in Canada.[30]


A very 90s GalleryEdit


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