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1400 B.C.

Final Death:



Lasombra antitribu




Lasombra Antediluvian





Montano, born as Ontai, is the eldest childe of the Lasombra Antediluvian. A master of known and unknown Obtenebration powers, he stands among the ranks of the Lasombra antitribu.


We do not make ourselves vampires, and we are never as strong as our sires. Gratiano boasts of his strength, but if he could do what the founder did, he would, and he does not. There is always a sire to direct us, and a sire beyond him, and so back to Caine. There is no ‘destiny’ for you to choose but what your masters allow for you.”
  — Montano

As a mortal, Ontai (as he was originally known), lived in East Africa as a Maasai. Embraced by the Lasombra Antediluvian before the birth of Christ, he became a favored childe of the Antediluvian since that time (the first childe of the Antediluvian to survive its attention). They traveled the world together and moved the Lasombra Clan from the Iberian Peninsula to Imperial Rome.

Montano was known for assembling an elite legion of powerful warriors called the Victory Corps and led skirmishes and political maneuvers against other vampire clans, shaping European history even amongst the mortals. They were so successful that they received the reputation of being fearsome "night-dark troops", spreading a far reaching spy network across the Roman Empire.

As time wore on, Lasombra needed a fixed location to go into torpor. Sicily was the perfect place, far removed from Italy's wars and the Ventrue-dominated Holy Roman Empire. Montano and his sire, built a great castle, not only for the Antediluvian's resting but also to provide a central court to settle wars with the Germans.

During the First Anarch Revolt, Montano was sympathetic to the cause since many neonates were being eradicated during the Inquisition. However, when anarch ideology began to creep into the Lasombra Clan, Montano and his men were quick to crush it.[2] It wasn't until his "brother", Gratiano betrayed the family by joining the Anarchs, that Montanto had a burning hatred for them. The betrayal ran deep when Gratiano aligned with Assamites to bring an anarch raid right to the Castle of Shadows. The Lasombra Clan elders were killed and clansman converted to the anarch insurgency... Montano being the only one to escape, then joined the newly founded Camarilla as one of the few Lasombra Antitribu.

After the self-styled anarchs destroyed the founder’s material body, Montano had spent several winters wandering the northern ice and trying to reconstruct his own story. He’d found that he simply couldn’t do it. Too much time had passed. Too many other people’s memories, human and vampiric, had passed through his blood and soul. He could say with certainty merely, “This is what I am now, and I was such as would make me thus.”[3]

Apart from his sire, Montano knows for a fact that his mastery of the Abyss is without competition. He tried to tutor several of his siblings in the dark arts, but there were always powers that only age could grant. It is said that he is the only one old and powerful enough to enter the Abyss without his body.

As far as his view on Lasombra's supposed diablerie, he didn't stick around to verify his sire's "death", and whatever memories he had of that fateful day, had been "tampered" with. Only an Antediluvian or a Methuselah like himself, could have done this, which may be one of the reasons why he suspects that Lasombra might have survived.


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