Lifeweb sigil
Name: Monitors
Nicknames: No-Blinkers, the Fetter Mafia
Category: Criminal
Guildmaster(s): Unknown
Primary Arcanos: Lifeweb

The Monitors Guild, sometimes called the Seven Families after its shadowy administration, are one of the Guilds in the Underworld of Wraith: The Oblivion. They are the masters of the Lifeweb Arcanos. As with several other guilds, the Monitors never had a splatbook, so what information is available is somewhat sketchy.

Monitors, considered unimportant compared to other Guilds, such as the Pardoners or Artificers, decided to focus their Guild on the emerging population of wraiths. Many became Reapers and enslaved many of the new Lemures. This practice was strongly frowned upon, and while now officially discontinued, is probably occurring in the underground.

The Monitors are almost uniformly despised for the abuse of their power. Lifeweb, the Arcanos concerned with the connection and severing of Fetters, is one of the most powerful and important Arcanoi available, and is arguably second only to Castigate in its importance. The Monitors use this Arcanos as a bargaining chip - they blackmail by threatening to remove fetters, they bribe by promising to strengthen connections to fetters. In addition, they are extremely selective of Guild members; only those who they consider highly trustworthy are even allowed to begin learning Lifeweb.

Because of this practice, the Monitors are almost universally despised, especially by the Spooks Guild, who are usually hired to protect said Fetters. They operate on a severe quid-pro-quo basis, and if they feel double-crossed they will destroy the target of their ire, even if it is the Emerald Lord.

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