The Moirae are creatures of the Hedge that serve the Wyrd.


Many things, abstract and dreamlike, are given flesh by the power of the Wyrd. Where time bends and fancy comes to life, so too can the concept of destiny and doom spin new bodies. Some creatures of the Hedge serve Fate, or at least they believe they do. They feel destiny’s approach, and have tied their natures to it. Each of them has its own way of affecting a person’s doom, shifting potential to accomplish their goals. They are known as the Moirae, and they can be truly dangerous beings to cross.

No one knows exactly where the Moirae came from, originally. Some believe Fate itself spun them into existence, using the Wyrd as a mechanism. Others think they were once spirits of Earth, who wandered across a gateway into the Hedge and were changed. Where once they maintained and fed on spiritual manifestations of Earthly things, now they are spirits of the Wyrd, dangerous and unpredictable.

Regardless of their origins, all changelings who have encountered the Moirae agree that they are now closer to hobgoblins than to whatever they might once have been, and treat them with similar reservations. Some of them can be helpful, but even those must be carefully dealt with, and react poorly to those who give them offense

Known MoiraeEdit


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