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Name: Mla Watu
Plural: Mla Watu
Pronunciation: mm-lah' wah'-too
Nicknames: Ghost-Eaters
Disciplines: Auspex, Fortitude, Necromancy
Parent Clan: Cappadocian

The Mla Watu are one of the minor legacies of Laibon.


Perhaps no group of Laibon is shunned as much as the Mla Watu. Although the Laibon are removed from their humanity, they still have a healthy respect for the dead as many African customs demand. The Mla Watu are not content to merely communicate with dead ancestors; they seek to do the nasty and control them. Other Laibon fear their spirits would fall into the hands of the Mla Watu after their Final Death.

It is both of these factors that cause the Laibon to give the Ghost-Eaters a wide berth. The Mla Watu themselves are content to remain the subject of fear; it gives them the solitude they prefer to continue their studies of knowledge in general and the dead in particular. Embracing among Mla Watu is fairly limited, but those chosen usually have a close connection with death, usually through their occupations.

Like the extinct Clan Cappadocian, the weakness of the Mla Watu is to develop a corpse-like pallor. Older Mla Watu can look like little more than walking cadavers; needless to say, this causes them to stand out quite a bit among the Laibon and make them easy to avoid.

Background Information Edit

The book's original outline confirms the Mla Watu are intended to be of Cappadocian descent.

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