Mitanu, the Clever Rogue, is known in Garou astrology as the Planetary Incarna of Mercury. He is both a trickster and a lover of comedy.

Overview Edit

Garou born under the Third Lunar month are blessed by Mitanu with flexibility and sharp wit. He serves as a totem to those who prove versatile, able to think on their feet, and have a sense of humor. To him, adaptability is strength, though he has a pension for being greedy.

His colors are pale brown and gray, and represents the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Other Names: Hermes (Black Furies), Ogma (Fianna), Mercury (Glass Walkers), Hermod (Get of Fenris), Belobog (Shadow Lords), Min (Silent Striders), Eshu (Uktena), Ockabewis (Wendigo), Jurima.


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