The Mists are the mechanisms that hide the world of the Faeries from the world of Humans. They induct a feeling of forgetfulness in their target that makes them overlook chimerical acts or declare them as delusions or find "rational" explanations for what they saw.

The Mists are similar to the Delirium and the Fog, mainly in the aspect that they hide the supernatural from mortal eyes.


The Mists were originally protective wards erected by the Fae to hide from mortal sight. Over the ages, they became infected with Banality and now hide the Dreaming whereever it sprouts in the mortal world. Since the Changelings are part human, the Mists also obstruct them from the Dreaming and of their memories as faeries or their time in Arcadia. Only using Glamour can protect a Changeling from the Mists.

The Mists, however, do part in some cases on their own. Most occur during dreams, when the link between the mind and the Dreaming is at its strongest. Most of these memories do not last and are again claimed by the Mists once the dream ends. Other ways to ward them off include Enchantment, which involves the infusion of Glamour into a target and allow even ordinary mortals to experience the world of the Faeries.


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