Name: Minotaur
Totem type: Corruption
Ban: Obligation to harass followers of Pegasus
Tribe: Skin Dancers

Minotaur is a Totem of Corruption, but he is not directly allied with the Wyrm. Instead, he acts as a sort of tribal totem for the Skin Dancers, those Kinfolk who have undergone the Rite of Sacred Rebirth.


The Minotaur is the embodiment of the man that becomes the beast, the sentient being who craves animalistic power. He respects only strength and despises weakness in every form. He is misogynistic to some degree, although a strong female Skin Dancer can earn his respect in ways that a human female never could.

Through his parlance, Skin Dancers learn Gifts from other spirits. His ban is that a follower of him has to act out his rivalry against Pegasus and her chosen tribe, the Black Furies.

In the events of Skinner, Minotaur begins to drift into the Black Spiral Labyrinth thanks to the machinations of Tick, who seeks to supplant Minotaur as the Totem of the Skin Dancers. The players can decide his fate and possibly even cleanse him.