The Ministry of Lions, also called the Swords, are one of the five Ministries of the Infernal Courts and charged with fighting against threats to the Court.


Competitors to the Ministry of Aurochs, the Swords are more like elite soldiers than bodyguards. Since the open use of violence and shows of force is restricted compared to the Age of Wrath, the Swords have to operate carefully to fulfill their duties. Most use the covers of gang-violence, mugging and similar acts of "random" violence to masquerade their greater activities. Although the other Ministries regard the Swords as blunt tools, they can work with remarkable precision to uproot threats to the Court before they grow too strong, like cells of Raveners.

In most Courts, the Ministry of Lions is one of the most influential, given the martial prowess of its members and their strategical acumen. Their force of personality also gives them enemies, who are often happy to give them enough rope to hang themselves. Among the Fallen, Devourers and Devils are among the most populous members, often those in contact with the Luciferans or Faustians. The senior Minister of the Ministry is called the Lord-General.