The Ministry of Eagles, also called the Watchers, are one of the five Ministries of the Infernal Courts and charged with gaining intelligence about potential enemies, as well as the Fallen in the range of influence of the Court


The Ministry of Eagles specializes in information of any kind, be it mundane information about the mortal infrastructure and political landscape, lost lore from the ages before their imprisonment or supernatural activity that could threaten the Court. To this end, they use any means necessary, be they Evocations or well-placed mortal Thralls. The Watchers understand that information rules this age and that by controlling information, they can secure their position.

Watchers were originally also teachers, archivists and spies. Their fellow Fallen carefully watch their actions, trying to feed them discrete information (or misinformation) to sway their opinion. It is in the power of the Ministry to withhold information they deem to dangerous to use, but should it become clear that these information could have been useful for the Court, the repercussions can become severe. Among the Fallen, Slayers and Fiends are among the most populous members of the Ministry of Eagles, often those with contact to the either the Luciferans or the Cryptics. The senior Minister of the Ministry is called the Most Vigilant Watcher.