The Ministry of Dust, also called the Ministry of Man or the Guides, are one of the five Ministries of the Infernal Courts and charge with the safekeeping of the mortal flock as well as the advancement of the Court.


Originally, the Guides had the purpose of shepharding the mortals during the Rebellion, look to their needs and make sure that the alliance between mortal and rebel Elohim stayed strong. Since their banishment, the Guides have found a world where mortals not only do not believe in demons, but also actively fear them. As a result, their duty has changed. The Ministry of Dust manages mortal media and institutions, keeping them away from Court infrastructure as well as increasing the general amount of Faith within the population, either by supporting religious institutions or running the city down so that people cling even more tightly to their beliefs.

Faustians and Reconcilers are the Faction that are most prominently represented in the Ministry of Dust, as both seek out mortals to further their agenda. Among the Fallen, the Namaru and the Lammasu are the most numerous members of the Ministry of Dust, with the Annunaki being close second. The senior Minister of the Ministry is called the Speaker of the Fallen Tower or the Guide of the Blind.