The Ministry of Dragons, also called the Censors, are one of the five Ministries of the Infernal Courts and charged with inter-Court affairs.


The Ministry of Dragons has the task of questioning and challenging authority. They must always watch signs of corruption and betrayal. They are empowered to investigate everyone within the Courts. They primary purpose, however, is weeding out those incompetent enough to be noticed by them. Demons are encouraged to be circumspect in their dealings and the Censors make sure that the rebellious spark in every demon that drove them against God is channeled to constructive means. Every Dragon is always watched by his peers in the Court, eagerly waiting for missteps that can be used against them, subjugating the censors to the same mechanisms they enforce.

Demons of all Houses are found within the Ministry of Dragons. Of the factions, the Luciferans and the Cryptics have most representation, but other Factions also occasionally have interest in the office of a Censor. The senior minister of the Censors is called Lord Inquisitor.

Known CensorsEdit