The Ministry of Aurochs, also called the Warders, has the task of defending the Court and enforce it's laws.


Originally, the Warders would defend high-ranking Fallen against assassination attempts from the Host. Now, they protect their individual Courts, most often against rival Demons. They must work with the Ministry of Dust to protect against threats from the Inquisition and other Demon Hunters. Additionally, Warders act as judges in the case that the laws they protect are broken. As higher-ranking Demons can overrule their edicts, and a high fee is placed for anyone who spots a Warder who abuses his authority, most Members of the Ministry of Aurouchs are careful to give themselves the appearence of respectability. They are often very traditional and conservative, knowing that the other four Ministries rely on them for protection.

No Demon of the Ravener faction is to be found in the Ministry of Aurochs. The strongest Factions are the Luciferans, followed by the Faustians and Cryptics. The senior Minister of the Warders is called the "Lord Harrier"