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Ming Xiao



Ming Xiao was the leader of the Kuei-jin in Los Angeles, and self-proclaimed High Priestess of Chinatown, who operated from the Temple of Golden Virtue, which was described by Gary Golden as a "cheap replica of Asian architecture better off in a theme park".


Xiao's appearance in Los Angeles is fairly recent, but she has informed herself rather well on Kindred lore. She was well acquainted with Chinatown's prominent people such as Wong Ho, a respected business man.

She is one of the toughest bosses that the player faces in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines game.


Game notesEdit

Although her Dharma isn't obvious, she at least possesses the Flesh Shintai at level five (Ten Thousand Forms) in order to disguise herself as Nines Rodriguez. A strict reading of Demon Shintai indicates she possess it at least at level nine in order to account for her six tentacles, indicating a Bodhisattva -- a kuei-jin at least 1000 years old, roughly the equivalent of a Kindred Methuselah (4th or 5th Generation) in terms of power.

While this may not be strictly accurate in the context of Bloodlines, it suggests Ming-Xiao is nonetheless very powerful, as is the game's protagonist.



Appears in Edit

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