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Minerva Schwalke-Wojtkiewicz is the current voivode of Clan Tzimisce, although she has no support from the clan's elders and does not practice Koldunic Sorcery.


During her lifetime, Minerva was a Polish writer, who used a male pseudonym in order to spread jingoistic plays and short stories, denouncing the partitioning of Poland that practically ended its existence as an independent state in 1795. Her texts came to the notion of her future sire, who did not believe in the firmness of the Purchase Pact and sought to relocate into Mexico where he would establish a foundation of sorts to crank out propaganda. although initially belied that the writer he sought out was a woman, he Embraced her, ensuring that she would continue to rouse other Kindred. Minerva became a steadfast Metamorphosist, propagating its value and fueling a propaganda machine that her sire lost interest in soon after. She diablerized him in an argument in 1848.

After the Second Sabbat Civil War, she became one of the main instructors of the Path of Metamorphosis within Mexico City, propagating many ritae that would ensure unity and loyalty to the sect. When a coterie of Archons put down the current voivode, Minerva ran for the title. As her contestants consisted of a bunch of various kindred, the most promising a Malkavian antitribu that she destroyed quickly, she nominated herself for the title, traveling around the world to gain the elders approval. She did not gain it. The Elders, the likes of Velya, Sascha Vykos, and Vladimir Rustovich, thought of her as an ignorant girl that, while promising, did not understand about the traditions that guided the clan during the Dark Ages – no one who would had come to them without learning Koldunic Sorcery.

Unperturbed, Minerva declared herself voivode. Many Tzimisce could not care less about who filled the empty seat, nevertheless, Minerva strives to be a worthy leader of her clan. She now petitions the Consistory to launch an full assault against Camarilla bastions all over North America, although few care about her rantings.


Minerva rearranges her body every month. Her current incarnation is a hairless, nine-foot-tall skeletal nightmare with two sphincter-like mouths for eyes.

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