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Colonel Michael Unther was an Archon to the Toreador Justicar Madame Guil, who was also his sire.

The Clan Curse of the Toreador manifested in him as an absoulte obsession with order and precision.


A Prussian military officer in life, Unther was known to be a perfectionist and an example in iron self-control. He was present on May 23, 1802, when Prussia signed one of its short-lived peace treaties with Napoleon.

At one of the many functions that night, he met Madame Guil. She teased him, calling him the "Metal-Man," and invited him up to her chambers. Colonel Unther would never have accepted such a proposal, but there was something about Madame Guil that was impossible to refuse. She Embraced him that night, and he became one of her minions. Unther never forgave his mistress for the improprieties of that night, and still struggles with his anger and the artificial affection of the Blood Bond.

He acted as his sire's bodyguard at first and later rose to become her Archon. He was renowned for his efficiency and cruel punishments. He despised Anarchs with special fervor for their undisciplined ways. In secret, he sought to usurp his sire and become Justicar himself.

Character SheetEdit

Michael Unther, the Perfectionist
Sire: Madame Guil
Nature: Judge
Demeanor: Perfectionist
Generation: 7th
Embrace: 1802
Apparent Age: 45
Physical: Strength 5, Dexterity 4, Stamina 6
Social: Charisma 4, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 4
Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 3, Brawl 5, Intimidation 5, Intuition 5, Leadership 6
Skills: Etiquette 4, Firearms 5, Melee 4, Performance (Music) 2
Knowledges: Camarilla Lore 4, Investigation 5, Military Science 4, Politics 4, Sabbat Lore 1
Disciplines: Auspex 3, Celerity 5, Dominate 4, Fortitude 4, Potence 2, Presence 4
Backgrounds: Allies 1, Contacts 6, Herd 2, Influence 4, Mentor 5, Resources 4, Retainers 2, Status 4
Virtues: Conscience 2, Self-Control 5, Courage 5
Morality: Humanity 3
Willpower: 9


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