Birth Name: Michael Damien MacVane
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Eruption: Unknown
Place of Origin: Eastern Scotland
Occupation: Archeologist
Default Association: Project Utopia

Michael Damien MacVane, Ph.D. spent his life looking for lost gods, now he has taken his first tentitive steps into becoming one.


Dr. MacVane was raised in a small village in eastern Scotland and always dreamed of exploring the world. He studied Archeology in college and studied lost gods. He thought his greatest achievement would be an exploration deep into the Congo where he would find riches that would bring him closer to god-hood. The expedition set out. By the time he had fought his way though the deep forests and traveled several days through a deep cave he had lost most of his original expedition had been lost or had perished. He came at last to an immense boulder which blocked the way to what he thought was the treasure he had been seeking. He erupted moving that bolder. Although he only found an incredible archological find and not immense riches he sought, his eruption did bring him closer to becoming a god.

Dr. MacVane decided to go to Project Utopia for training and to see what they had to offer.

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Storyteller InformationEdit

Obviously, Dr. MacVane seems only one step removed from becoming a Teragen nova. It might be interesting to make him go that way... and take a few others with him.

Another NoteEdit

Not that it is cannon or anything, but I thought Michael Damien MacVane's name was a little strange. It seems very close to Michael Daemon Donighal. Perhaps it was an earlier name the writers were kicking around for Divis Mal. We will probably never know.