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Unknown; presumably within the last 30 years


Possibly Martin Greenman


Malkavian (VTM)




Camarilla (VTM)

Michael is a pitiful soul.  He resides in the Telton Cemetery in the tomb of a Martin Greenman, whom Michael calls "Daddy".  He may have been autistic when he was embraced, and his sire may have embraced him as a joke then abandoned him.  He has, however, been able to survive quite well.  He is extremely shy and hard to talk to.

He has no desire to kill though he is quite strong.  Michael sometimes stays with Alicia and protects her at all costs.  He thinks he is being chivalrous but actually is blood bound to her.

Tall and heavily built, Michael has stringy brown hair worn long, nearly to his shoulder.  His eyes are wide and a light, near amber, brown.  His teeth are broken and crooked.  He walks with a limp on his left side, which gives him s distinct lurching appearance. (VTM: 1st Edition p. 218; VtM: 2nd Edition p. 249)

Character SheetEdit

Nature/Demeanour: Child/Child

Last Known Location: Gary, Indiana/Telton Cemetery

Physical: Strength: 5 (Powerful), Dexterity: 1, Stamina: 5 (Stalwart)

Social: Charisma: 3, Manipulation: 1, Appearance: 2

Mental: Perception: 4 (Intuitive), Intelligence: 1, Wits: 3

Talents: Alertness: 5 (People), Brawl: 3, Dodge: 1, Empathy: 2, Intimidation: 1, Streetwise: 1

Skills: Animal Ken: 1, Melee: 2, Stealth: 3, Survival: 1

Knowledge: Medicine: 1, Occult: 1

Disciplines: Auspex (VTM): 1, Fortitude: 1, Obfuscate (VTM): 2

Backgrounds: Herd: 1, Mentor: 1

Virtues: Conscience: 5, Self Control: 3, Courage: 5

Path: Humanity: 10

Willpower: 10

Max/Current Blood Pool: 10/0*

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