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Mexico City by Night is a setting sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade.


Stronghold of the Sabbat: the city teems with over 20 million mortals. Since the dawn of the New World, Mexico City has been the bastion of the Sword of Caine. In the modern nights, it remains that way, though plagued by Cainite overpopulation and sundered from within by internal dissent. Although it presents a bold facade, how strong is the Sabbat's sprawling home? Mexico City by Night: includes a complete setting for Vampire stories; is suitable for characters of any age or power level; and allows characters to have an effect on the fate of the Sabbat itself, should they choose to investigate its bleakest secrets.


Introduces Vampire players to the premier city of the Sabbat - the sect's black Babylon. Provides the theme and mood of the book and a few tips on which resources the Storyteller should go for background material and story ideas.

Chapter One: HistoryEdit

Explains the history of Mexico City - both the mundane city and its Cainite population. Mexico City is seven centuries old, and the Sabbat are not the first Cainites to dwell in it. This chapter follows the city from its origin as the capital of the Aztec Empire to the modern nights.

Chapter Two: GeographyEdit

Provides and overview of the city's geography, from the Historic Center's colonial palaces to the periphery's teeming shantytowns. Each division of the city, holds its own special interests for the Sabbat.

Chapter Three: CharactersEdit

Supplies numerous characters from every level of the Sabbat, from potent elders in the consistory to childer newly dragged into the darkness. A few Cainites from outside the sect make their appearance as well.

Lasombra: Edit

Tzimisce: Edit

Assamite Antitribu: Edit

  • Ikraam Al-Biruni, Refugee Sorcerer
  • Matias Cazimirski, The Biker of Blood

Blood Brothers: Edit

Brujah Antitribu: Edit

  • Bishop Natalio, El Insurgente
  • La Malinche
  • Mariano Pomposo, Black Hand Census Taker

Gangrel Antitribu: Edit

  • Jesus Alcala, El Lobo De Canto

Harbingers of Skulls: Edit

Malkavian Antitribu: Edit

Nosferatu Antitribu: Edit

  • Teresita, Godmother To The Damned
  • Icarus, The Manchurian Candidate

Panders: Edit

  • Feo Ramos, The Cainite Cabbie
  • Jaggedy Andy, Filth Angel

Ravnos Antitribu: Edit

Serpents Of The Light: Edit

  • Abbie Norberg, Failed Templar

Toreador Antitribu: Edit

Ventrue Antitribu: Edit

Others: Edit


Chapter Four: Plot ThreadsEdit

Sugests several plots that Storytellers can use in a Mexico City chronicle, with special emphasis on the threat of a Fourth Sabbat Civil War. Storytellers receive suggestions about which characters tie into which plot threads.

Chapter Five: StorytellingEdit

Concludes the book with advice on running a Mexico City chronicle. The chapter discusses themes, mood, and storytelling techniques, with further notes on how the Sabbat operates in Mexico City. The chapter concludes with a selection of special abilities possessed by some of the characters.

Background InformationEdit


Memorable QuotesEdit




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