A metis condition, variously referred to in the books as a metis disfigurement or metis deformity, is a term applied to the inborn flaws that are characteristic to the Metis breed of the fera.


Canon examples of the metis condition are listed below:

  • Blackened Eyes: Your eyes turn black in darkness or twilight, creating a menacing appearance and making vision difficult.[2](Screams-of-Nightmares)
  • Bestial reflection: You reflect your Crinos form on all reflective surfaces. Some Theurges might see this as favorable, indicating an honest character.[3] (Sings-for-the-Beast)
  • Conjoined twin[6]
  • Disfigurement[4]
  • Hyper senses: Your senses are extremely acute, to the point where you easily suffer disorientation and sensory overload. [1]
  • Loose teeth[3]
  • Puny (small with severely underdeveloped muscles)[3] (Phreak)
  • Serpent's Tongue[3]
  • Severe silver allergy, to the point of blistering when even near it[3]
  • Tough, itchy, thick skin[3]


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