Essentially a poison neutralizer, this power allows the psion to ignore the effects of poisons or toxins. His body processes these foreign influences automatically and removes them from the bloodstream with astounding efficiency.

This means it is difficult to enjoy the effects of drugs (whether beneficial or otherwise) and alcohol; his body simply eliminates them as they are introduced. Whenever this power activates, the offending substances are converted into n-1 wastes immediately. A psion typically needs to urinate after this power has been active.

System: Your character is immune to drugs with toxin ratings equal to his Adaptation level and below (see the Toxin Rating chart, page 229). No roll is necessary as the psion’s body purges the foreign substances automatically. For any drugs or poisons with a toxin rating that exceeds the character’s dots in Adaptation, his Adaptation score is used as his poison soak rating. This power can be dampened consciously one hour for each Psi point spent.

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