Memory Towers are great, impenetrable objects scattered throughout the Labyrinth. They have survived every Maelstrom, a fact that hasn't gone unnoticed by the most ancient Malfeans. In all truth, they contain something that is antithetical to the very notion of Oblivion itself. An idea Oblivion has decided to ignore. Non-existence is an impossibility. If Oblivion were truly the natural state of the universe, the universe would not exist at all. Therefore, Oblivion can never, and will never, achieve its blind endeavor. So it came to be that when a force, calling itself Oblivion, decided to isolate itself from the ever-generating matrix of creation, it had to blind itself to some very uncomfortable truths. The Memory Towers will always be until Oblivion gives up the game and faces itself for what it truly can never be.

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