Mementos are material objects that are saturated with death's energy.


To Sin-Eaters, these objects function as more than a reminder of death; they serve as ceremonial tool and badge of office, and are a physical link between the dead and the living. Most mementos are created as an accidental byproduct of proximity to death and some are more intimately involved. One of the most important Mementos are Keystones, pieces linked to a Sin-Eater's Geist.


  • Charms: Charms are minor artifacts that associated with death. Common examples are one-way-tickets, paintings of deceased persons, dead batteries and pictures of war crimes.
  • Vanitas: Vanitas are objects that not only reflect death, but also a Sin-Eater's Threshold. Examples are crime scene collages, roadkill taxidermies or tables with untouched food.
  • Fetters: Fetters are former Anchors who contain their own ghost. Fetters possess a Threshold and one associated Key and Numen. Examples are notebooks of a teenager who comitted suicide, the collar of a beloved dog that had to be euthananized or a weapon that killed a child during an assault of an unfaithful husband.
  • Deathmasks: Deathmasks are the remaining Keystones of a destroyed Geist. Infused with some reminder of their former power, offering a Sin-Eater power over a special Key and the ability to store Plasm.
  • Memorabilia: Memorabilia are true one-way artifacts associated with death. They are extremly rare and most Sin-Eaters compete viciously over ownership of one. Examples are the bullet that Hitler used to kill himself with, the car where J. F Kennedy was shot in, a ring stolen from the laid out corpse of Marilyn Monroe and similar obscure artifacts.