Name: Melissidae
Plural: Melissidae
Pronunciation: Meh-lee-see-deh
Nicknames: Queen Bees
Parent Clan: Ventrue
Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Dominate, Resilience

The Melissidae are a bloodline of the Ventrue Clan of vampires.



The Melissidae suffer the standard Ventrue weakness, a –2 penalty on rolls to avoid gaining derangements after degeneration checks. Among the Melissidae, Obsessive Compulsion is often the first derangement gained. If separated by 100 yards or more for more than an hour from an individual drone of a hive belonging to her or to her sire, a Melissidae suffers a –1 penalty on rolls to avoid fear frenzy for every hour she has been isolated. (So, after two hours alone, the penalty is –2, and after four-anda-half hours alone, the penalty is –4, and so on.)


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