Birth Name: Melissanda Estevez
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Eruption: Unknown
Place of Origin: Colombia, South America
Occupation: Team Tomorrow Agent
Default Association: Team Tomorrow

Melissanda Estevez is the current teleporter for Team Tomorrow. She is stationed with Team Tomorrow Americas, replacing Jennifer "Slider" Landers. Melissanda has a personal grudge against the Medellín Cartels.


Melissanda had a hard life growing up in Colombia. She was forced to support her widowed mother by any means necissary. She killed her first man when she was 16. The cartel enforcers noticed her she got offered training and a well-paying job.

Over the years she got a little too good at enforcing so she was sent on a suicide mission. When Melissanda realized what had happened, the Federales bashed in the door. All Melissanda wanted to do then was survive.

Project Utopia seemed the perfect place to get her revenge against the people who had set her up and had killed most of her family. She quickly decided the best place to do that was Team Tomorrow Americas.

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Not that it is canon or anything but it would make sense that the the Medellín Cartels would not take the abuse of one of their former enforcers lying down. They might send in a nova of their own. Perhaps someone like Stephanie "La Perra del Sangre" Severance or the like.