Real-life Events Edit

Chronicles of Darkness Events Edit

  • 1453
    • Shortly after midnight, the final assault on Constantinople begins; it lasts through the night, passing into the day. And after weeks of bombardment, the walls near Blachernae finally crack open, and Ottoman soldiers pour through what will thereafter be called the Topkapi (“cannon”) Gate. Turkish flags are raised above the break, and the walls begin to falter as soldiers flee into the city to protect their families. The street fighting that follows is brutal, horrific, and continues intermittently throughout the sacking of the city. Tens of thousands of people die, mostly non-combatants. The corpse of the last emperor is not discovered, with rumors aboundant among the greeks that he was spirited away by angels and will one day return to free Byzantium again. After a thousand years, Byzantium and the last remnant of the Roman Empire has fallen.[1]

Trinity Universe Events Edit

  • 2015
    • The conflict has spilled out into Ibiza Town. At 3:30am UTC, the Spanish government issues an ultimatum[2] for all novas to cease hostilities. All expatriate novas must leave the island by 5:35am. With assistance from the Directive, they have several attack helicopters patrolling and have apparently opened fire on at least two airborne novas.[3]
    • N! the News does a "Man on the Street" segment with survivors in Ibiza Town. [4]

References Edit

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