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  • 2008
    • Scandal rocks Project Utopia as unconfirmed reports of mercenary novas, government infiltration and nova black ops leak to the media. Æon Society and Project Utopia spokespeople immediately counter with evidence of a Teragen frame-up involving the dead Slider. Wary observers and conspiracy theorists see themselves as vindicated and deluge the media with dire predictions.[4]
    • Morganna Wolf, Project Utopia Public Relations Manager, sends an email to Jerome Grant of Novation. She wants to make sure Novation is in line. There are to be no shades of gray, no heroic rebels. Utopia and Team Tomorrow are the good guys. André Corbin is a dangerous psychopath who murdered an innocent young woman named Jennifer Landers.[5]
  • 2010
    • Pope Benedict XVI lands at LaGuardia Airport under heavy security, including T2M patrols.[6]
    • Piero Giorie makes his weekly trip to New York Presbyterian Hospital for cancer treatments. Apocrypha and his team, as well as ScarCrow and his team, each plan to kill Giorie.[6]
  • 2105
    • Captain Eira Patrice sends a report to the United Nations Central Command regarding the tragedy at Alte Jerusalem. Regular personal breathing systems are unable to keep out the toxins in the structure, and the toxins have embedded themselves in the walls of the complex. Since the cost of decontaminating would be equivalent to constructing a new complex, Patrice recommends Alte Jerusalem be sealed indefinitely.[7]

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