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Maximillian Strauss










Primogen / Regent

Maximillian Strauss is one of the Primogen in Los Angeles, representing the Tremere. Among his clan, he holds the title of Regent and supervised the local Chantry in Downtown.


Strauss is a mysterious figure, but his rank as Regent indicates that he mastered the blood magic of his clan to an alarming degree. He is also highly proficient at the Obfuscate discipline, and seems to be the one responsible for leading and anchoring the Tremere influence back into L.A.

He is the archetypal Tremere wizard, and like most of his lineage, is scholarly dedicated but also willing to sacrifice little bits of knowledge for the safety of the clan. He shows a great deal of loyalty to the Camarilla, but no loyalty to Prince Sebastian LaCroix.


  • The Regent's Riddle (Part 2)
  • A Plague for the Angels

Once the player have got the previous quest, talking to Strauss he will reveal that there is plague spreading among the kine. Upon accepting this new quest he will also suggest to talk about it with the Anarchs in the Last Round for clues about its origin.

Trivia Edit

  • Strauss' distinct look returns in Saint's Row: The Third with the appearance of the Morningstar Specalists, who are bald, wear red trenchcoats, and wear small round sunglasses.


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