Originally, Max Nilsen was assigned by the studios to watch over and protect their star pop icon Rikky Foxx. When the studio terminated Rikky's contract due to investors not taking to kindly to lyrics in some of Rikky's songs, Max didn't stay with the studio but went with Rikky. Together with Rikky's new girl, Celeste, they created Corday Records.

Max takes care of all Rikky's security arrangements, and when he is not satisfied with a hotel or venue's security, he is not above calling in some biker friends to beef it up.

Celeste, a Toreador, has made Max into her Ghoul to serve all of their interests.  Rikky is her muse, and vice versa, so together with Max they create Art.

Character sheetEdit

Demeanour: Bravo

Physical: Strength: 4, Dexterity: 3, Stamina: 3

Social: Charisma: 2, Manipulation: 1, Appearance: 2

Mental: Perception: 3, Intelligence: 2, Wits: 3

Talents: Alertness: 1, Brawl: 3, Dodge: 1, Intimidation: 3, Streetwise: 1

Skills: Drive: 2, Firearms: 2, Melee: 4, Repair: 2, Security: 3

Knowledge: Bureaucracy: 1, Finance: 1, Law: 1, Occult: 1, Politics: 1

Disciplines; Potence: 1

Backgrounds: Allies: 1, Contacts: 2, Fame: 1, Resources: 2

Virtues: Conscience: 2, Self Control: 2, Courage: 3

Path: Humanity: 4

Willpower: 3

Appears InEdit

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