Name: Matthew Korteling
Gender: Male
Born: May 1971
Died: July 1994

Matthew Korteling was a extremely talented artist who was killed in the summer of '94 when a narcoleptic driver fell asleep behind the wheel of a car and came across a 6 lane highway striking and killing Matt on impact. Matt was crossing a driveway near a gas station, just a few miles from his day job at a retail store.

Matt had recently dropped out of the Joe Kubert school so he could have more time to work on illustration for White Wolf and a few indy comic publishers. This was Matt's big dream, to illustrate for role-playing games. With White Wolf Publishing taking notice and giving him more work it was looking like his dream was coming true.

The saddest part of this tragedy is that the driver was one of Matt's coworkers at the job he was headed to that same day.

No charges or punishment was ever issued against the driver, even though count less witness came forward to testify about the man's narcoleptic behavior at work.

-- From

-- 17:44, 18 November 2007 (UTC)KuZu$ko7- apparently, the person that knew him best.

Grimmy still misses him.

Matt's official contributions for White Wolf include the following:

Art Edit

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