Name: Masters of Destruction
Nicknames: Destroyers
Path: Moros
Order: Seers of the Throne
Arcana: Death

The Masters of Destruction are a Legacy among the Moros and the Seers of the Throne who specialize in the utter obliteration or sabotage of physical objects in order to advance the plans of the Exarchs. They are less interested in death, ghosts, or corpses than they are in objects, especially complex and valuable objects. Some Destroyers become obsessed with the mechanics of precise destruction and will acquire a dozen or more finely made intricate devices just so they can study various ways of destroying or sabotaging them.


Sometimes, destroying or altering objects is the key to successful manipulation; sometimes, objects are simply too dangerous to be surpassed; and sometimes, destruction is the key to secrecy. The Masters of Destruction specialize in these activities. They are artists of decay and annihilation, understanding how to transform a diamond or a sturdily made safe into dust with a glance or a touch. The more ideologically driven Masters of Destruction find destruction to be an almost sacred calling and in addition to advancing their own ends and what they see to be the will of the Exarchs, they occasionally destroy some object simply because they either have imagined a way to make its destruction especially impressive, beautiful, or profound. They also sometimes destroy something simply because they decide that it needs to be destroyed for some, often difficult to explain, philosophical reason.

Other Seers usually consider Destroyers to either be calculating mercenaries or half-mad fanatics and make certain to distinguish one sort from the other. Most Seers find mercenary Destroyers to be exceptionally useful, but they usually attempt to avoid the more ideologically inclined members of this Legacy because they fear, often not without reason, that one of their treasured possessions might be considered worthy of destruction.

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