A sourcebook by Mike Mearls
Editing: Ray Vallese
Creative Direction: Monte Cook
Cover Art: Jeremy Jarvis
Interior Art: Kev Crossley
Proofreading: Scott Holden
Cover Design and Interior Page Design: Lisa Chido
Production: Sue Weinlein Cook
Playtesters: Mark Barazzuol, Chris Cumming, Matt Cumming, Chris Gahan, Kat Gahan, Kelly Graham, Derek Guder, Mason Kortz, Kevin Kulp, Melinda Lau, Kevin MacQuarrie, Jim McArthur, Geoffrey Nelson, Del Shand, Nicolas Shand, Apis Teicher, Dave Turner, Mait Walker, and Adam Windsor.
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: Sword & Sorcery / Malhavoc Press
Published: December 12, 2005
Pages: 96
Year: N/A
Publication #: WW16155
Reference #: ISBN 1-58846-797-X
Price: $19.99

A game master's resource for the Iron Heroes variant fantasy roleplaying d20 rules.


From the White Wolf catalog:

A Rules Expansion by Mike Mearls
This is a must-have book for DMs and players who want to get the most out of the high-octane variant action fantasy rules of Monte Cook Presents: Iron Heroes. The book’s in-depth rules discussion teaches you not only how to use the rules of the game, but how to change them.
These pages include new options and ideas for existing rules, expansions of some concepts presented in Iron Heroes, and all-new material to supplement your Iron Heroes games. The useful design commentary helps you run a successful heroic combat character or campaign by showing you how every change can alter the nature of the game and offering suggestions of how best to apply them. Now you can see how the system really works!

Introduction: Running Action Fantasy Edit

Tips for gamemasters running an Iron Heroes style campaign.

Chapter One: Abilities Edit

Some alternative methods for generating player and NPC ability scores.

Chapter Two: Characters and the Campaign World Edit

Advice on how character traits and classes interact with a group's campaign world, plus tips on how to create that world as a group.

Chapter Three: Character Classes Edit

New classes designed specifically for villains and NPCs.

Chapter Four: Combat Edit

Rules for environmental effects on combat.

Chapter Five: Treasure, Rewards and Experience Edit

A guide to player and character rewards in Iron Heroes, including a new system of Wealth Feats.

Chapter Six: Magic and Magic Items Edit

Notes and rules for using magic in the generally low-magic atmosphere of Iron Heroes, including alternate rules for the creation of magic items.

Chapter Seven: Campaign Options Edit

Suggested rules for alternate ways to award experience, and "metagame mechanics".

Appendix: Importing Game Material Edit

A guide to using material from other d20 sources in an Iron Heroes campaign.

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