The Massasa War is the conflict between the mages of the Order of Hermes and the mages-turned-vampires of Clan Tremere.

The First Massasa War began in 1202, when the vampiric infestation of House Tremere was exposed to the Order. The War never formally ended, but within decades, each group had separated enough from the other for the two to concentrate on more personally pressing matters, notably the Ascension War and the Anarch Revolt.

In the modern nights, the Massasa War was sparked again by mages seeking to raid Tremere chantries for lore that could help combat the effects of the Avatar Storm. This short-lived Second Massasa War largely ended when the corrupt ghoul mages of House Tytalus were exposed and a Tremere elder (implicitly Grimgroth) revealed the folly of the Hermetics' actions.


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