Mary O'Brine is a changeling renowned for battling a True Fae in the sands of Blasted Beach.


The Swimmerskin known as Mary O'Brine was among a small legion of changelings who ambushed Robber Bird, a greedy Keeper burdened by the weight of many treasures it kept concealed under its cloak.

Mary was the one who dealt the final blow, thrusting a rusted rapier through the monster’s heart. After that, a harrumphing blast of air buffeted all nearby. Not only did this great exhalation knock down the Hedge walls here (leaving half-of-a-beach in its wake, all blasted sands and briny pools), but all of the creature’s kept treasures peppered the area that became known as the Blasted Beach.

It was a concussive piñata, a shimmering grenade. Some of the trifles acted like shrapnel, killing a few of the attendant changelings, and we don't know for sure if O'Brine was able to survived the blast.


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